Indomitus Games
Based in Borgo a Mozzano (LU), Italy

Founding date:
May 27, 2013


Press / Business contact:


In Verbis Virtus
5 Minutes Rage



Comprised of former classmates, Indomitus Games is an Italian independent video game developer that was founded to bring a class project to fruition. Almost four years later, after receiving both academic and professional acclaim, the company released its project-turned-title: In Verbis Virtus, a voice-controlled, fantasy adventure built with Unreal Engine technology. Currently Indomitus Games is working on a new, exciting multiplayer game called "5 Minutes Rage".


5 Minutes Rage

A sport with simple rules: kill suckers, catch the ball and score. 5 Minutes Rage is a unique 2.5D multiplayer game packed with adrenaline where two teams of "junkbots” battle to death with cannon shots to throw the ball into the goal. Engage your opponents in frantic 5-minutes matches 2vs2 or 1vs1 in online or local mode. 5 Minutes Rage is a cross between a party game and a shooter: straightforward and fun but with enough room to develop skills and tactics. The game's visual style mixes 80s-flavoured neon aesthetic with last generation graphics and effects powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

In Verbis Virtus

Use your real voice to cast spells in In Verbis Virtus, a fantasy adventure unlike any other. Step into the shoes of a wizard in search of an ancient power. Explore a lost temple, making your way through forgotten chambers brimming with unspeakable beauty and terror. Unlock spells and use them to solve the temple’s enigmas and battle the monsters that lurk in its depths. Built on the Unreal Engine, lose yourself in the breathtaking world of In Verbis Virtus, possibly the most unique and immersive game you’ll play for a long time.



5 Minutes Rage Trailer YouTube

In Verbis Virtus Indiegogo Campaign Trailer 2 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Mattia Ferrari

    Denis Gualtieri
    2D artist

    Giovanni Vadalà
    3D artist

    Gianmarco Leone
    Composer and sound designer

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