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Grab your swor... err your voice!

What would you do if one day everything you love would be taken from you? And what if obscure gods will be conspiring in the dark to destroy the World as you knew it?

Wouldn’t you try to cheer the developers of this incredible story to help them getting to the end of it ASAP? :D

Well, what a perfect timing! Equipped with the Steam Greenlight magic sword we are about to give the final blow to our creature In Verbis Virtus, which will be soon at your doorsteps! Watch out!

We are missing just a few more votes to land on Steam and we really need you to start our adventure, since this is the first project we have been working on! Don’t wait any longer and vote for In Verbis Virtus here!
Aren’t you part of IVV hordes yet? What are you waiting for? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ too.

However the ‘Indomiti’ won’t leave you unprepared for the battle to come, so don’t miss the new screenshots and artworks in the Multimedia section to discover everything about IVV world!

Questions? We got answers for those too! In the new FAQ you’ll find rumors about a new demo *suspense*, nerd stuff on the tech we are using and the hoarding freaks will finally reach their Zenith!

New mysteries are lurking in the background story and level design twists and turns, but no one came back to blast them yet. Only a dying herald gave us a blood signed message from our two new animators who swear that for the creation of Savage and Beast maximal care will be given.

Cya soon with more juicy details! ;)

In Verbis Virtus out on Steam
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