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The meaning of the the In Verbis Virtus soundtrack

Due to the interactive nature of the soundtrack, producing a proper album required some work to re-arrange some of the tracks (especially the atmospheric ones) and a mastering stage to make them more even in volume and frequency content.

As a result of all this process, I obtained a good number of tracks with some of them having only in-game "working names", and others not having a name at all.

There were two options: keeping English names and inventing new names where needed (assuming that names such as underground_03 were not really fitting…) or rethinking all the names from scratch. After further consideration, I realized that even the available names weren't really fitting, since their title often didn't represented correctly where and when the music was used in the game, so the second option became the most attractive.

At that point, using Mahaki instead of English looked like the most obvious choice:

  • it made the soundtrack coherent with the rest of the lore
  • it allowed for more evocative titles, due to the less definite meanings of the Mahaki words

Titles were chosen directly from our "secret" ;) Mahaki vocabulary and weren't translations from English (nor Italian), but I will try a "Mahaki to English" conversion to give you the overall meaning of the track names.

  1. In Verbis Virtus - this is latin ;)
  2. Kàto - thirst
  3. Kelvài - pilgrim
  4. Tùbeh - to dig
  5. Milùmen - wonder
  6. Kaìt - the temple
  7. Utùmu - to observe
  8. Veritas Ektudà - Veritas the mentor
  9. Mugèm - Decay
  10. Agnèm - to fire
  11. Molòden - remembrance
  12. Veritas Agèmu - Veritas withers
  13. Kà - creation
  14. Gohàl - dreadful
  15. Ieghànu - spring
  16. Kelàel - hope
  17. Movèduk - torment
  18. Rak'emesh - that's the actual name of the lava boss
  19. Utùmu Emùl - to observe the darkness
  20. Itàli - someone else
  21. Òhmi - Heart
  22. Rak'emesh Nìmu - Rak'emesh more angry
  23. Evànum - power
  24. Agnìvehm - melting pot
  25. Veritas Mugèn - corrupted Veritas
  26. Muèvi - falsehood
  27. Epàgel - perseverance
  28. Leif
  29. Mohòt - awakening
  30. Òbik - planet

This should shed some light on the tracks, and perhaps on the game lore, too.


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