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5 Minutes Rage

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A sport with simple rules: kill suckers, catch the ball and score.

5 Minutes Rage is a 2.5D multiplayer game where two teams of robots (junkbots) clash in a battle of cannon shots to bring the ball to the goal. It features a frantic gameplay with 5 minutes matches, 2vs2 or 1vs1, in online or local mode.

An hybrid between a party game and a shooter: straightforward and fun but leaving space for the development of skills and tactics. The aesthetics mixes colorful 80s flavoured atmospheres with last generation graphics and effects, using Unreal Engine.

■ A sport with robots, laser and a ball
■ Online and local multiplayer
■ Team up with a friend or a local player
■ Keyboard+mouse or gamepad
■ Vent your frustration (you know you need it)
■ Master basic abilities: laser machine gun, explosive bullet, shield and sprint
■ Cool advanced techniques: deflect projectiles and throw enemies in their own goal with the ball (humiliation!)
■ Customize the appearance of your junkbot
■ Retro atmosphere, but cool Unreal Engine graphics, so that your hardware won’t be wasted
■ Get praise by the Skill Skull!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I record and publish, or stream, gameplay of your games on Youtube, Twitch or similar?

You are allowed and welcome to record, stream and upload gameplay footage. You can also monetize with Youtube partner program or similar programs on other sites.


It seems that In Verbis Virtus does not work correctly on my PC, what should I do?

Check the troubleshooting:

If you cannot find a solution, see the last section "How to report a problem".


About Us

Comprised of former classmates, Indomitus Games is an Italian independent video game developer that was founded to bring a class project to fruition. Almost four years later, after receiving both academic and professional acclaim, the company is on the brink of releasing its project-turned-title: In Verbis Virtus, a voice-controlled, fantasy adventure built with Unreal Engine technology.

The team currently consists of:

  • Mattia Ferrari (programmer)
  • Denis Gualtieri (2D artist)
  • Gianmarco Leone (composer and sound designer)
  • Giovanni Vadalà (3D artist)


For any question please contact us at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter.


Press contact

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In Verbis Virtus

Use your real voice to cast spells in In Verbis Virtus, a fantasy adventure unlike any other.

Step into the shoes of a wizard in search of an ancient power. Explore a lost temple, making your way through forgotten chambers brimming with unspeakable beauty and terror. Unlock spells and use them to solve the temple’s enigmas and battle the monsters that lurk in its depths.

Built on the Unreal Engine, lose yourself in the breathtaking world of In Verbis Virtus, possibly the most unique and immersive game you’ll play all year.

Key Features

  • Cast spells in Maha’ki, the language of the gods, using your own voice.
  • Discover and learn multiple spells, each with its own purpose and power.
  • Solve challenging puzzles, escape traps and battle monsters with magic.
  • Explore a lost temple, uncovering the secrets of its mysterious past, as well as your own.
  • Experience stunning graphics powered by the Unreal Engine.

[Press Kit]

In Verbis Virtus out on Steam